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CRF450R Trade

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Hey guys! I've got an 03 CRF450R I'm trading straight accross for a 06 KX250F. I've always been team red, so this will be the the first green monster I've owned.


Dude says he wants to trade up to a bigger bike and thats why he's getting rid of his. He said he just got it back from the Yamaha shop to have a new timing chain put it. Now he says he has it back in the shop becuase he heard it making a funny sound.


I tried to get more information about this sound, but I feel like this guys is young, or mostly illiterate. It's like talking to a 13 year old girl -- Getting any useful information out of him is a chore.


Anyway. My bike has been taken care of, but it has about 50 hours on since I've got it (few years back). I'm almost certain vavles need to be shimmed soon. It also has a seized chain tensioner stud.


I think this is mostly a good deal, so as long as dude doesn't need a new top end in his KX.


Any sort of common problems on the KX I should look for when I go to trade? What do you guys think?

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