BRP Triple Clamp Set Questions

Hey folks I just had a bad day of prepping for next week's ride and I damaged my lower triple clamp on my 01 WR426 trying to remove a shot lower bearing.  Apparently the lower triple has been discontinued from Yamaha so I am looking at getting a set from BRP.  There are several options on their website that I do not quite know what to pick and that's where I'm hoping you can help.


Here is the link: BRP Triple Clamp Set

The options that I am unsure about are the height and position.  What height and bar position is closest to stock, and how do the different bar position settings affect riding:

  • Bar mount height.  1.240, 1.360 or 1.640?
  • Bar position.  15mm or 21mm

Thanks for the help.  I need to get this ordered ASAP or next weekend will be a bust.

I just saw a YouTube video and learned that the steering stem can be pressed out of the lower triple clamp.  I had thought it was all of a unit that couldn't be separated. The steering stem was what was actually damaged during my maintenance today trying to remove the lower bearing so now all I really need is the stem.  The manual said to use a chisel and basically pry off the old bearing..."Taking care to not damage the steering shaft". 


Can I use a non OEM stem like the one from BRP with the stock clamps or do I need the entire BRP setup?


BRP Steering Stem



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I just looked on ebay and there are several sets of triple clamps for your bike. 

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