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CRF 450 Clutch Cover Getting Eaten Away Really Strange

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I have a 2011 CRF 450 that I recent purchased used. I rode it once and once I got home I notice a pink oil on the bottom of my truck bed. I easily noticed that it was coming from the clutch cover so I figured maybe the gasket was shot. Well I took it off today and something is like eating away at the metal. But it is not being scratch away like something is rubbing on it. It actually went right through the cover and definitely from the inside. 


Has anybody seen this before. 


Also the oil was a pinkish white color which I have never seen for oil but maybe something new its been about 10 years since I had a bike.


I have attahed two pictures of it to this post.


Not sure if it was the oil or just a faulty cover any ideas?

2014-05-24 12.59.09.jpg

2014-05-24 12.59.28.jpg

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