PLEASE HELP header melting case

I have a 2007 yz450f that I had bought a fmf power bomb header and powercore 4 muffler. Bike runs great and has been jetted and tuned. However the power bomb header they sent me was just about resting on my engine case and over time has started to melt the engine case. I have tried heat tape just melts right through anyone have any ideas other then bending the header or dinging it?

Pics? I would think a little ding with a rubber mallet would do. I know you said other than dings but its the best way to go if you ask me.

The bike is at my dads house cause I live in an apart, ent but I couod post pics tomorrow but I just really hate to ding it wont that affect the flow affecting the performance?

Alot of people have told me it could be running to lean ut I really dont think that is the case

You have installed the header wrong

You need to tighten the header bolts LAST after installing the entire system, so the pipe will pull the header into alignment.

If you tighten them first, it will pull the header in the wrong direction.


Not sure how the header heat can melt a cast engine casing.....

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