2001 YZ426F with 2002 YZ250 Hinson clutch?

Guys my son just bought a 2001 YZ426F that has a Hinson clutch on it and we had a few questions. The back of the Hinson clutch plate cover says YZ250 2002 on it so I'm guessing they must be interchangeable.

how many clutch plates should be on this bike? This one has nine clutch plates.

We're not sure if that's correct or not

The clutch plates all still have fiber to them but the outermost plate does show a little bit more wear. None of them look totally worn out.

The reason we tore into this today was because he had noticed a little of what felt like clutch slippage while in fifth gear and then in third gear later in the day.

Also if someone could share the torque specs for the six clutch spring bolts that would be appreciated.

This bike is totally new to me so any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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