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110 mods and repair, help needed

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I have a 110cc chinese atv that I wrecked and the frame is pretty much toast. I'm planning on using the motor in a minibike build as in a mini bike, not a pitbike, but this is a pitbike engine so I figured you guys could help. When the quad was wrecked the bike was on its side for a bit with the throttle stuck just revving to the max before I could get to it. It backfire quite a bit when I hit the kill switch. There were no signs that the motor was blown and I had it running briefly after that but not enough to see if it was any different. Is it possible that the motor is fine? No damage? And if there is what would it be? Top end rebuild? I was thinking of throwing in a big bore piston and cylinder head kit if it does need to be done but right now the engine is off the bike so for now I can't run it to see what kind of shape it's in. Is there a way to tell if it's okay without running it? Also would a high comp piston give me more power than the 110-125cc big bore kit? And are there any other mods that would give me some more power without sacrificing reliability? Thanks guys

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