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Xr500 help.. pod filter and oily mess?

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K two question on my 1979 xr500, this model has the single carb (lucky me) haha but its all hacked up and I'm trying to find a pod filter for it, got it all tuned up, but I just can't find a pod filter, anyone know what size to look for? Also I have an unusual leak that has me a little baffled, its like I'm leaking oil out of my carb? I kind of think my head gasket, but my whole intake boot is covered in oil and that's right above the head gasket, its not the valve cover gasket though.. where ever its coming from my whole carb is covered in oil, and its dripping all over the center of my engine, the oil is also running down the fins below the carb, and it following the fins around the engine to right below the headers if that makes sense

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