I need your help. May be simple. I just never grasped fixing electrical issues. 

2004 WR 450

Baja Designs Kit

New Battery

Stator with Floated Ground done by Baja Designs

Whatever Regulator BD sold me.


Runs fine until the battery wears down. Then missing and backfiring. I know these bikes need a charge in the battery to run right. If I charge the battery again it runs great until it wears again. Ususally at that point 10 miles from home.

I didnt have this issue before I sent the stator off to be tweaked.I also installed the BD dual sport kit at the same time too.  BD tells me no way this problem has anything to do with what they did. I can only believe them.  A stator can fail at any time. Ive seen it happen. Not blaming them. And I dont care if it had something to do with modifying the stator. I just want my bike to run right. It my fault. I couldnt leave well enough alone. I even got a second regualtor hoping that was it.


I have a mult meter. All them little settings are Greek to me. I stare at it an tilt my head like a dumb dog. Can someone point me in the right direction? I finally got the Super Moto bike I wanted and Id like to ride it or even sell it. Thanks

The battery isn't getting charged either because the stator isn't putting out anything, charging system not working or a heavy load somewhere.  

You'll have to use that multimeter to do some tests.   With the bike running, test the voltage at the battery.  You should see about 13.2 to 14.5 volts DC, if you only see something like 12 V, that's battery voltage and it's not getting charged.   

If you test the voltage coming out of the stator, you should see around 14 to 18 volts AC.  

The BD kit came with a regulator rectifier, does it replace the bikes regulator?  Or is it added to the system and charge it's own little battery?  

No one that has floated the ground on the stator has run into this?

WRs have a pretty marginal charging system.  The 35 watt headlight runs off the AC part, the rest which isn't much goes through the regulator rectifier to the DC side.  The DC side charges the battery and powers the tail light, display and CDI.  If you've added additional load to the headlight, there may not be enough left for the DC.  Still, it seems like if you charge the battery it should last more than 10 miles.  

You should try disconnecting anything you've added and see if it still acts up after 10 miles.  

I used a Ricky Stator stator and regulator rectifier on mine.  It converts the whole system to DC with much greater output.  I run a 65 watt light and there's always plenty of juice to run the electric start.  

Hang with me here Flyandride. I'm trying to understand. I appreciate you taking the time to help me. By floating the ground doesn't that convert the system to DC? My headlight is always the same brightness,( not according to engine revs) since the stator was altered.

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No one that has floated the ground on the stator has run into this?

I've floated my ground, and have not had this issue. 2006 WR450

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