Dunlop D739A/T or Maxxis IT ?

I have pretty much narrowed the selection for a rear tire for the BRP to either a Dunlop D739 A/T or a Maxxis IT. Does anyone know from experience which one is better wearing, traction, etc.?? I mostly ride medium to hard terrain.

Thanks in advance :)


After 2 739s I swtiched to the Maxxis IT and will not go back! I have a race and 2 rides on the maxxis and it wears like steel whereas I only got 3 rides out of a 739!

Welcome to the Club! Ben there & Done that. Maxxis IT's are good bang for the buck! If ya gotta fat wallet then Dunlop will love you. They are great tires, but head to head & dollar for dollar it's Maxxis! :)

maxxis it all the way. plus you will loose a finger trying to mount that &%$#@!en dunlop.

i have a kenda carlsbad mounted right now. it has two races and a practice ride on it. i'm very happy with the way it's wearing and it hooks up pretty good.

now due to price, wear, and hookup (in that order) i buy either the kenda carlsbad or the maxxis it.

I'm another Maxxis IT fan (price/durability/hookup) :)

...but, the Barum IT from Barnums worked OK as well. Those Dunlops sure get pricy after a while.

I am a 739AT fan, but i gotta admit-the second rear we used in the last Baja 500 was the Maxxis IT-it held up very well. I have heard of some chunking issues with em however...

Why are the freakin Dunlops so expensive?! Almost as bad as the Michelin Desert....

Maxxis IT it is....Thanks guys! :)

...but for me, I had to run my Maxxis IT at a lower than normal pressure before I liked it, so experiment with tire pressure if you don't get the hookup you expected.

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