first post,,, i promise will be interesting, i need your help.

I have two bikes both 1999, first a yz400f and a wr 400... i want to make the wr a weapon, and will be selling the yz. The wr is plated so more useful, other than the suspension what should i take off the yz and put on the wr before i get rid of the yz. Thanks!

You could attach a gun to the handlebars on the WR. Technically, it will be a weapon.

Jk... But what kind of "weapon" are you trying to build out of the WR? A woods weapon? Road weapon? Etc... What kind of riding will you be doing?

Just put them in the best running order you can for your budget

Don't go bolting on performance parts on a 15 year old motorcycle, unless it has a complete new top end, rebuild suspension, etc.

Sell them both and get a newer bike

Build the WR back to stock-ish


Spring for your weight, valving done by pros.


Rebuild your engine, work it if you want. 


Or just buy a newer WR450f.

Suspension set up for you is all you need!

That bike will work fine as a woods weapon.

Personally, I wouldn't sell the yz either!

I had a yz and wr liked both of them for all types of riding.

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Suspension suspension suspension

Thats my whole issue, i love the yz.,. But the wr is plated so that's the bike i will be using most of the time, i wanted to make the wr as close to the yz as possible but the wrs gearing,, i was just curious which if any parts were better on the yz, if it had for example a way better carb then i would swap that, or if the rads were designed different and the yz had better cooling then i would swap those. If there is anything substantially better on the yz il swap it over to the wr, so far it will be the bars ( fatties with no cross peice ) and all the suspension, the wr is a bit soft for me. As for riding i do a bit of everything, i have a small mx track on my farm, i have sandy trails all around me, do woods riding as well play in sand pits, i do a bit if jumping but nothing to write home about. I also play in the mud... pretty deep mud... the stuff quads get stuck in lol.

Thanks for everyone's help!

Get a exhaust cam from a 03-05 YZ

Put the YZ silencer on the WR

Your engine will light up and have auto compression release Instead of having to bring it to TDC with the little lever. There is a lot of performance squashed with the stock silencer and exhaust cam.

If you don't want to spend the money you can alter the cam one tooth on the timing chain.

But you really want that auto compression release. You won't get that with the stock cam

Get a Clarke or Ims tank for a YZ 400/426in the size you need

Get a YZ seat to go with it. The seat/tank thing makes the bike much more fun to ride.

Those were great bikes. Still are.

As long as your suspension is dialed for you, you will have a great bike that can do just about anything

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I have the big clarke tank i will be putting on the wr with the yz seat, would it be worth my time to put the yz head and carb on the wr bottom end?

I have the big clarke tank i will be putting on the wr with the yz seat, would it be worth my time to put the yz head and carb on the wr bottom end?

I think the carb and head are pretty close between the two bikes. It's the cam pipe and ignition that makes the difference . Change the pipe and the cam and you close the gap a lot. You can change the ignition but you will lose the lights. This is the place to ask about your bike but the topic isn't as interesting as you promised . If tweaking your WR somehow including girls kissing into the thread then that would have been interesting.

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Ha i know,,. Looks like i lied lol, as soon as the bike is done il see if i can't get some girls to play on it while i take pictures :) all ive decided to do is swap the bars and base ( higher end aftermarket) , carb ( only because i just had it rebuilt, ) the large Clarke tank and yz seat i had on the yz. I did grey wire mod and removed baffle from exhaust and snorkel from airbox. I was going to do suspension but turns out i prefer the wr suspension for 80% of the riding i do, and am just to busy with other things to get into the cam swap.

I have a 03 YZ450 auto decomp exhaust cam collecting dust, figuratively that is. I ran it in my 03 WR for about a year and took it out when I sold the bike. PM me if you're interested.

What would really make this interesting is if you tied the bikes together and rigged them with 10 lbs of C4 and 100 gallons of gasoline and lit that sucker off with a formation of F-15s doing a low pass with Metallica playing in the background surrounded by the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. That would be interesting.

Yes, much more interesting than the way its going,,,, for sure !

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