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250sx popping fixed?

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So when I'm crusing back from pits or at idle my bike exhaust pops and surges unless I'm on the gas. I was running a 40 idle jet. At stock of 42 it was doing it too. I went down to a 38 and now it doesn't pop and returns to idle at a decent speed. I'm 2.5 turns out form closed. I don't understand why I have to go down to at low of a idle jet. Can the jetting chart be that rich? Or am I too lean now? Runing N1EH needle at pos 3. Should I go back up to a 40 to save my engine. Also on 40 the bike would quit if I'm 1 turn out but not seem to change if I go farther than 2.5. Ktm 250sx 2014

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