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1992 XR600R intermediate spark issues/problem

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gday, been scouring this forum for advice recently,(really good help).... anyway this is my first post here so bare with me.


recently purchaced an 92 XR600R from a mate, its been sitting for a while. approx 8 months.

just done the roadworthy and rego, ive been riding it to work


its got ax XR400 exhaust on it


compression seems fine

sparkplug slighly sooty and dry.


i was having problems with running rich on premium 98 octane fuel (spark plug was really black, sooty and dry)

after a week of rough riding and sputtering between idle to 1/4 throttle

i drained the tank and carb, replaced with regular unleaded and she is purring like a dream

the idle mixture screw had no effect


ive replaced a few things

replaced ignition coil (PO had the cable too short)

replaced air cut off valve (heaps of tiny pin holes)

got some new spark plugs dpr8ea9


carb thoroughly dissasembled and cleaned.



in the morning, the bike starts 2nd kick, i ride to work, park the bike in the sun.

morning tempreature 20 degrees C

8 hours later, finish work the bike wont start

afternoon tempreature 28 degrees C


i have tried covering it during the day, same problem,


when it wont start, it isnt getting a spark.

when it does spark, it may possibly be weak but im unsure.


when she is hot, opperating temp, starts 1st kick


on the weekend, the bike is parked in the shed. i can go and start it 4 times throughout the day. no problem.


finished work, it wont start, i get the wife to pick me up with the trailer.

as soon as i get if off the trailer, starts 1st kick.


just contacted PO he was having same issue, and was unsure of the problem, o and he forgot to mention it.....


im thinking it may be the stator ( i put a multi on it and got 90 ohms, for a few seconds then i couldnt get it to show up again)

probbably user error


possibly pulse generator

possible wiring or connection problem


very frustrated


edit, i have found some usefull info on this thread

xr650l intermittent pulse generator failure

but im unsure if it applies to my xr600

and id like to know more before replaceing parts unnecessarily


any help will be much appreciated. thanks in advance

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I would check your switches and related wiring use some contact cleaner and check your cdi unit  hope that helps...

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Carry a spare spark plug, & gator clips on each end of approx 6" wire, to check for spark. (without taking old pulg out) When condition occurs,unplug existing sparkplug & place new plug in boot. Then gator clip metal of plug & wire with other gator clip to good ground(like a fin) Turn over & look for spark. Hopefully this will point you in  the direction, in  which to tinker.

  Oh almost forgot, WELCOME to the board!

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Thanks for your suggestions guys


I left the bike at work last night. In the shed.

Today I arrived at work

6:30 am She started second kick

9;30 am she started first kick

3:00 pm would not start, no spark

My ignition coil cable is long enough for me to insert a spare plug hold it on a fin and check the spark while kicking it over, no spark was present

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Ok, it sounds as though you have confirmed that you have an intermittent lack of spark that seems to be associated with temperature. First, i would verify resistance in the ignition circuit during one of these spark free episodes. Do you have a repair manual? I only have ones for older bikes but mine says to unplug the stator plug and check resistance between the red/black wire and ground. It should be between 230 and 320 ohms but that may vary slightly on your bike. Checking this while you know the bike has no spark and then checking it again when it does should rule out the stator.

Since you already installed a new coil i would look to the pulse generator. Again when the bike is being bitchy and has no spark, unplug the pulse generator wire and check the resistance between the two wires. It should be 360 to 440 ohms. Hope this helps.

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Obviously you need to keep the bike in a shed at work and leave before 3pm.




A no spark condition leads back to the ignition system. The coil was replaced, so that leaves the stator, CDI, pulse generator, and wiring. You said the stator tested with 90Ω and then lost continuity, which it should not do, so that's the first place I would start troubleshooting when it won't start.

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No, your 98 is the same as our 91-92 or thereabouts. RON rating is RON rating. XR600s should have premium gas and running rich on premium, but not regular suggests that premium doesn't have any/as much ethanol or whatever comparable oxygenate is used. (it also means premium will afford better fuel economy when the mixture is adjusted for it)


Gasoline sold at a pump for road vehicles should theoretically have the same stoichiometric air:fuel ratio regardless of octane rating. That is done so mixture adjustments aren't necessary between them and the average Joe has one less thing to think about. In practice it only needs to fall within a range that the majority of EFI computers can compensate for.

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excellent information and suggestions guys thanks.


while doing electrical checks with a multimeter, i found some water instide one of the connections that had rusted the contacts.

the connector from the pulse generator to the wiring harness

im unsure why the water was causing no spark in slightly warmer tempreatures....

so after cleaning this connection with a wire brush and cloth + lots of contact cleaner (aerosol spray for electrical use)

they bike was starting much better and had a stronger spark, ill repost after a week for an update

also this connector will need replaceing anu ideas where i can buy them?


pulse gen.jpg


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They are reminiscent of common Molex connectors, so one of those would probably be suitable. Even better would be to replace it with a sealed GM Weatherpack connector or similar.

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