Hi guys I bought a 2003 wr450 for pretty cheap but I got a problem I can start the bike in neutral but as soon as I pull the clutch in n click first it stalls n when in gear n clutch is in it wont roll. Now I know its the clutch not engaging but what ciuld I do to solve the problem? Thank you for any help

I had the same problem with my WR 250. For about $60 you can buy a Tusk clutch rebuild kit with heavy duty springs. It worked great on my bike, very easy to install.

Good luck!



Blip the throttle when you put it in gear

Adjust your clutch cable

if problem persists, either live with it or get a clutch pack replacement

Thanks sfunk70 ill do that today

By now you probably salved your problem I in the past had a clutch incident and replaced clutch and it turned out that It was my cable started to break and it was stretching every time I pulled it.

Still not fixed the cable is pulling n clutch plates are good but I haven't rode it in 5 weeks and if I hold the clutch on an out it in gear and just keep rolling it backwards and forwards it will start to work but than it wont

I had the same problem when I first bought my 2005 YZ250F.  When I pulled the clutch apart, the oil was like glue between the plates.  The action was very grabby.  No way I could start in gear with the clutch pulled and it wanted to creep in gear also.


At first I did the washer trick, to give the plates more room to expand.  This worked, but after I changed the plates and was a lot more diligent about changing the oil, the problem went away and I took the washers out.


I'd suggest that you take all the plates out, clean them up, put in fresh oil and see if that works for you.


Also, as Koolaid said above, blipping the throttle should free the plates up.  Additionally, if its been sitting for 5 weeks, let the oil warm up, lean the bike to the right and pump the clutch a bunch of times before engaging the gears.


A few things that worked for me on a particularly pesky clutch...

1) Could be as simple as a clutch cable adjustment, could be that the lever does not have enough 'throw' and pulling the plates far enough apart

2) If that does not work I'd take the clutch cover off and have a look. The cheap way is to do as mentioned above and clean the plates and put back

    together. there could be some sludge between all the plates, esp if the bike was stored and left unattended for a couple years. Take a look and see if

    the aluminum clutch basket is 'grooved' from all of the plates. this prevents the assembly from moving properly (a big $ part)

3) If that does not work (you may want to buy TWO clutch cover gaskets) pull apart and get new drive & driven plates.

4) BONUS ITEM: If you want to make the clutch pull butter soft and smooth, order qty (3) clutch springs from the smaller 250cc model and install in a triangle

    pattern opposite the original 3 springs. The stock clutch on mine (2006 WR450) required the king-fu grip now its like a mini bike AND it does not slip on

    hills or anything

another item not mentioned, if you do get to the point of pulling the clutch pack and inspecting, take a good look at the clutch basket. Notched fingers on the basket will also cause problems with the clutch disengaging. you have an 11 year old bike, it's entirely possible the basket is starting to show its age.

Just to shed some light on this issue (which is currently plaguing me also); I replaced my clutch cable, all clutch plates, and springs. My clutch basket looked good and needed no attention. I put everything back together (my excitement was high) only to find that my "grabby" clutch was still there. In fact, there was NO difference. I've read all the Mickey Mouse fixes: washers, drilled clutch hubs, YZ springs, ect. and have no interest in any of them.


Something else is failing in the clutch mechanism and I've yet to read or discover what it is. My attention is currently focused on either the push rod (5TA-16357-10-00) or the push lever / actuator arm (5TJ-16381-10-00).


I'll report back after I try these.

Thanks guys massive help I pulled the clutch plates out they still oiled and a bit sticky so I changed the oil and left it running for 10 15 mins and tilted it on its side and clicked it into gear and it worked! Pretty stoked

Nice! just crappy old oil that turned to glue

Maybe run some thin 20 wt oil in there for a day (going easy)

I'd still be a bit concerned over what may have been absorbed into

the friction plates. Maybe fill it with parts cleaner (instead of oil)

Lay it WAY over on its side for a couple of hours

DONT START THE ENGINE.....and drain it.

I'd still be a bit concerned over what may have been absorbed into

the friction plates. Maybe fill it with parts cleaner (instead of oil)

Lay it WAY over on its side for a couple of hours

DONT START THE ENGINE.....and drain it.


Yeah, not a great idea to put parts cleaner inside and engine.


If you are still concerned, pull the plates and soak then in Alcohol.

Solvents can de-laminate the pads from the plate

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