Any triple clamps that will change geometry on a 400f

I was wondering if anyone makes a set of aftermarket T clamps that will make my 99 400f corner a little better? I rode a friends 426 and another friends 250f as well as a CRF450 and they all seemed to corner much better. I have my forks set about 6 or 7 mm. above the top clamp. Do I have to by a new bike or what. Do I need a new bike or what?? Thanks Jim

Sah da tay. Sine your pity on the runny kine.



CWISA, did you watch "Pootie Tang" one too many times?

I've got Scotts 5mm offset clamps on my bike. They move the forks back 5mm closer to the rider. This was done with a frame change on the 426. I did not see it in their parts list any more. Try calling them

i had the same bars were behind the stem bolt...i machined a clamp with bars forward of stem bolt 15mm...this is 100% better everywhere..with more room to move around,get forward on climbs tech. climbs its the best..flying over jumps you can move the bike better and cornering you can got you weight on the front so much better..there are some companys making this offset mainly for the 250f..i can make one for would cost top clamp only 150.00 a set 300.00 you replace the stem...i can do a set in about a clamp in 2-3 days after you let me know what you want..o i machine these similar to tags clamps..soon i should have some pics..i also have axle blocks(40.00) and case savers(25.00)

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Jimmy, what front tire are you using? What pressure do you have it set at?

I'll have what cwisa is having! :):D:D

MX tuner, I am running a Dunlop 755, at 12LBS

Do you have the correct springs for your weight or are you running stiffer fork springs?

They made the 5mm change in the frame on the 426 for a reason. It makes the bike corner better. It did not change the angle of the forks, just moved them back 5mm toward the rider. If the tires are okay, the suspension is set up properly and it still doesn't turn try the 5mm offset clamps. If you would like to just move the bars forward, you can try and find a used YZ250F top clamp. It moves the bars forward a bunch without changing anything else.

BTW, If you had not ridden your buddies bikes, would you have ever noticed, or did it seem ok before? It's kinda like saying the YZ suspension is great out of the box, yeah until you ride with good professional revalved stuff.

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