In need of a slip on exhaust or tip.

Hey guys I'm in need of an exhaust tip with a spark arrester, or a slip on pipe with an arrester in it. Need it by Friday!! Btw 13yz450f thanks for reading and helping out.

forget the idea of a tip, its just a easy (not that cheap) fix. If you are serious about riding invest the $250 in a slip on and have fun. As for what one... depends a lot of price point but FMF is always a solid contender. RM will over night that baby for like 20 bucks so if you hussel you should have a day or 2 spare.


and hey fellow CO riders what up

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FMF q4 is the way to go

Thanx guys. What part of Colorado are you in?

Agree that the FMF Q4 is nice. I run it without the spark arrestor at the track. The RCT feature makes it easy to put the arrestor in for off road.

Also, north Denver area.

i picked up the lexx tip with the carbon fiber cover, looks cool was easy to install ( though it was requires a pop rivet gun) and best of all my maps still worked. was 88$ if i recall

Ya I was going to pick up the lex to just to say that I have something in there.

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