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My race day at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley CA.

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Well now, the day was a BLAST, not anything to how I had planned, really screwed up my right knee, broke my front brake reservoir to where it was hanging, had to lay on the ground for a while per the medic, couldn't stand up on my own and was helped up by a couple racers, could barely get my bike kicked over to get back to the pits cause I was stubborn, Oh and yes it was fun :D.


 OK, here, here is my recap of the day.


 Got to the track early and my daughter and step father followed me over ;). Got my pit all set up and made sure I took up 2 as I knew a few friends were coming out to watch and wanted to make sure they could chill with me hehe. After getting my pit set up they opened up for sign ups and I got all signed up (did it on line so all I had to do was sign), got my Transponder and paid for my family to be in the pits and bam, here comes Roger Hurd :D Yes, Shakey came out just to watch me race and it was AWESOME to have him there, then while we were talking BAM, Karen (Sun) comes pulling in just to watch me and yes mess with my head LOL. While all of us are laughing BAM, Tracy pulls in :o I mean this is AWESOME and Karen and Tracy have their bikes with them :D But alas they we dirt ready not like mine was lol. So we are all having fun laughing when they start calling classes for practice so I get my gear on and wanted to watch some just to learn a thing or two but just couldn't do it as my Daughter and I had done the track walk earlier and I had found the back straight turn was BLIND and full on off camber and really couldn't tell where they were chopping or the line they were using to turn in. Also after the track walk I noticed besides the dirt being super slick like a polished hardwood floor with sand on it the exit of the dirt back onto the pavement the cement and tar were like 3" higher than the dirt and was angled and had a sharp point in one area and yep, couldn't see what the guys were doing before me so I just figured what the hell, I will learn it on my practice and will just take my first lap or two easy to figure out some lines. By the end of practice one I Realized I need to be in 6th gear coming up the front straight as I was bouncing the limiter in 5th going into this kink right before the 180 tight left right after and was loosing time there. 

 Practice two comes up and I figured I would do a lap or two and follow one of the fast guys to learn some more lines and well, it worked for a few turns before we hit the dirt and I carried to much speed hitting the tabletop, over jumping it and coming down way tail high. Well the guy I was following was sideways setting up for the inside line in the dirt and I got on my rear brake and nothing at all (ahhhh duh, back wheel is in the air) and I didn't want to plow into him so I just gave a little front brake and BAM, got slammed, screwing up my right knee, ankle and other body parts. broke my front brake reservoir to where it is hanging with the hose, ripped my right peg slider off but on a good note, my bike found a nice fat soft place to land, yep on my LOL. The medic kept me down on the ground for a bit as I was still trying to catch my breath and when I tried to move/get up I couldn't, my knee would not let me put any type of weight on it so two of the racers helped me up while another had pushed my bike out of the way laying it on the side of the tabletop (apparently he was the one who took it off me) and while laying there spitting out the dirt/sand I told the guys to help me up that I didn't drive all this way to lay around LOL. So they helped me up and over to my bike and the Medic is asking me the norm questions to see if I am semi OK and he says good, no concussion lol (I didn't hit my head as I face planted lol) and one of the racers who had helped me found my peg slider and handed to me where I in turn hand it to the medic and ask him to hold it for me LMAO.

 Well after about 5 mins I get it to where I can kick my bike over and rode it into the pits and get it up on the stand and the madness begins looking for something I can mickey mouse my resy on so I can still race and yep, Zip Ties and Duct Tape to the rescue :D. I hear the pro class practice and figure I need to get in a few laps just to see if I can ride and bam out to track entrance I go and the guy stops me asking if I'm OK to ride and I simply said I will find out and off I go. I took 2 laps slow as to find out how I am and the bike is and on the 3rd lap I get on it and found the dirt section was the most painful to deal with due to the jumps bumps and having to use that knee to lock in with so by lap 5 I changed up and used my hands and arms to deal with it which made it hard as I was hanging on to tight getting major arm pump but I finished up the practice and thought " I can do this" so I relaxed, icing my knee and drinking tons of water  and being forced to eat Beat salad from Karen lol. Well my heat race is called and yep I hobble over to my bike pull it off the stand and fire it up.


 Remembering I need to switch Helmets so I can run my GoPro I was asked "How many Helmets do you bring?" I reply with "3, cause yep it's me" lol. I get the gopro turned on and out I go to line up to get out on the hot lap and once again I was asked if I was OK and I said for the most part lol. I took my hot lap slow and when i pulled up to line up I was on the front row in position 3 and Matt the race promoter locked down my holeshot button and bam the green flag waves and I am fitting to keep the front wheel down and got passed on both sides going into the kink and had to back off. But came out of it OK and was just trying to keep up. By lap 5 I was in lots of pain from the dirt section and just wanted to finish as I was loosing tons of time there as I kept trying to find the smoothest lines which was making me loose time but I got through it and finished 8th out of 10 (BTW, the Novice class in SoCal is in noway a Novice class, these guys are fast). So after the race I ice down the knee again and afraid to take my boot off to ice my ankle knowing it would swell up so I just chilled and relaxed until my main. Yes the Duct tape and Zipe Ties did their job ;).


 OK, Novice main time, As I am waiting at the track entrance once again I was asked if I was OK and yes I once again said for the most part ;) So I do my hot lap and decided to run the outside line berm after the jump and knowing it was rough I tried it and found it was smoother coming down the drop and back up into the whoop section. I also found it smoother going back onto the pavement from the far inside but it was sketchy due to all the sand. But oh well, it's race time. So we pull up and I was put in grid # 8 which was fine with me, I can learn and watch. While I am sitting there, Karen(Sun) runs out holding her Umbrella over me and the guys are all like laughing but thought it was cool to see my friends support me.


 The flagman is doing his thing, the clipboard goes sideways and the front row starts to jump and the rest of us are holding and when he flew the flag it was kinda sketch at the first 30 ft, so we go blasting into the kink and t1 I went for a outside pass and my back was so moving under power,  down the back straight I dive in behind and went for a inside move and was blocked, we come out of the off camber and into the 3rd gear turns when they're waving the red flag due to the jumped start and we re rack and do it again. Clean start this time and once again I go for the outside move and get 2 and when I could hold it WO one got back in front of me going down the back stretch and I tried a inside move into that blind turn which did not work and got passed, by lap 3 I was hurting but feeling relaxed enough to step it up more on the pavement and I passed 3 but yes they had gone down but getting back up and I some how held them off. 10 laps later the checkers come out and I swear I didn't see the white flag and was so relieved to see it and found out after I had pulled in I had gotten 5th place and thought they were Fing with me lol. After getting my Helmet off and help off my bike I felt I did pretty well for what I had to go through just to get back on the bike.


 I so want to say huge THANKS to Nate from "On Track Wellness" who gave me some help in the down time and got me fueled up to compete (sorry O beat you Nate), I big huge THANKS to Ruger Hurd for just being there and giving me the inspiration to push through, Oh OMG, Thanks to Karen, Tracy and Denise for being there and believe it or not you 3 really helped motivate me and push me to another level. Goes without saying having my youngest daughter and stepfather (don't tell my mother I said this about Baker lol) there made my day PERFECT. To WAR Supermoto race series, you guys ROCK and Matt, you do such a AWESOME job. To all the racers I met and raced against, you guys kickass and hope to see all of you again soon :D


 Now I need to try and heal up as best I can in 5 days for my race in Canada Oh and find another resy before Saturdays race.


 Pics and vids to come but here is the red flag start my daughter had taken (yes, that is Karen jumping over the fence with her Umbrella LMAO)


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 Well now. It's been a WHOLE 8 weeks since the crash'race and 7 since I last rode well OK I did try and ride like a week ago but the pain was still to much. I did how ever go to the Doctor (yeah I know, I really went) on June 2nd and then was sent for a MRI on the 3rd and guess what?? Yep Fractured Upper Tib, Lower Fib, tore ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL (knee jacked) and tore the Calcaneo Ligament (I think I spelled it right) in my ankle. I guess I crash good LOL but still waiting on Insurance as my Doc wants to do surgery on both knees, Hip, Pelvis, Back, Shoulders and wrists but Insurance is not playing nice. He simply wants to fix all the other bad spots on me LOL. But I will have to be off my bike for a year + :(


 Enough of the bad news, I plan to ride Aug 6th at the track to see how it feels (yeah yeah I know I know but I have to) as the last time out I did get a good 15 laps in before it started going to White out pain so if I can get 20 in on the first session without the White out pain then HELL YES I can race the next race :D


 I'm just limping around using a ankle brace and knee brace while at work and during the week so lets see how the next couple weeks go. If I can get in 20 + laps on my first session then things are healing but slowly. Oh well, I knew something like this would happen to me again since last year was a easy year on my body LOL :D Oh well, I have gained weight and need to loose it so I need to get back on sooooon :D BTW, how many old women you know show up to ride on Crutches??? hehe



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your made of tuff  stuff  debi  !! props  to  you....

Thanks but maybe more "STUPIDITY" hehe


 I did get in a good 30 to 40 laps in on Aug 6th before white out pain started setting in so I have stayed off once again and just trying to keep it moving but I will be hitting up my Second Fav track this Sunday Sept 7th and hope it hangs in there most of the day.


 This track is tight, technical and lots of weighting the outside peg on the long double left (no dirt for this weekend :( but still a fun crazy track) and have to be on my game to get back into the low 50 second range. So soooooooooooooooooooooo looking forwars to getting back on :D


 Here's the track we're going to

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