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looking at a pit bike what do you think about this

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I love mini bikes, raced the big ones for 13 + years..   I recently bought an SSR 125cc 4 speed manual shift, which has one draw back of too small of tires, mine are 14" front and 12" rear, and it sucks in the dry sand, it is totally unrideable in dry sand. IF you can get one with the 17 inch front and 14 inch rear, get it.  they would not sell me one in California due to our crappy smog requirements.  I may end up buying a larger front wheel at least that will help in the sand.   there are models available for under 700 bucks NEW with larger wheels and with some goodies, or a cheaper model for about 450 with less goodies on it.   The bikes handle well on everything but sand, are stable in rough stuff, and I have only jumped LITTLE jumps so I can not say how well it FLYS.  Delivery costs are ridiculous about $200, so pick it up yourself. OF course change all oils, bleed brakes, replace fork oil after 5 -8 hours of riding with 20wt, fork oil. I would use 20-50 synthetic oil, instead of non synthetic 10-40 due to high heat output of engine.  They do come with oil cooler, get one, mine did not have one and I wish I had one on it now.  I got model A056 with inverted forks.  forget that, you need bigger wheels instead.   Mine does handle bumps well, but I am limited on where I aim it, because I have to steer clear of all sand, so I am wandering all over the trails avoiding sand.  Get new spark plug, and soon a new good quality chain.  When changing the oils, carefully measure what you remove, because none of the information out there is correct on CCs to replace.   I found inverted forks require 220 ccs each leg the book said 120ccs.. cant be now can it?  Engine mods: spark plug, good oils, valve adjustment to .004 mm after 6 running hours.  Mine tightened up. Also turn out the air adjusting screw 3/4 of a turn (located on bottom of float bowl), they are set up too lean, you can tell by hesitation when cold on first throttle response.  Good luck. have fun

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