Hard start...erratic idle..

My trusty 04 450 has sat pretty much idle for about 20 months...I did fire it up briefly in the garage maybe three or four times over that period.


I have given the bike to my son and in trying to prep it for the season, it is now hard to start...but it will start eventually....and it idles erratically.  It idles quite high compared to how it was before the long siesta...and when I adjust the idle it seems to have a hard time settling down...it will slow down...then pick back up again.  It also tends to sneeze (like little deceleration pops) when its idling high.


Never had these issues before.  Could it be partially clogged leak jet or any other jet for that matter??


Would it be wise to but it a hefty dose of carb cleaner and see if it that might cure it??


Battery is charged and it cranks pretty good.


All suggestions welcome.


Thanks in advance.

Leak jet?


You just showed your hand that your are clueless  :rolleyes: !


Remove air filter, all old gas, pilot jet, hot start plunger, fuel screw and replace with new jet, new oring on fuel screw, clean plunger cavity and grease plunger, and put in new air fliter


Put in new gas, treat gas with ethanol treatment (every single tankful), turn fuel screw to 1.5 turns out


Start bike

I'd of said the same thing........but without being condescending :smirk: Really prolly just have a clogged pilot jet and bad gas (the bike) :thumbsup:

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