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California Rnd 6 Wrap - AMA/SRT/FLEXX Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship

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To say the least - 1st Ivan Ramirez, 2nd Kyle Redmond, 3rd Nick Burson To start!


KTM/FMF's Ivan Ramirez won by nearly 2 minutes! - Photo by Grumpy 


Round 6 of the AMA/SRT/FASST CO Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship returned to the Ranch MX Park for the first time since 2012 which was the infamous "Snow Race". This year would by much different with dry and dusty conditions playing into the mix for everyone. 

The field was led by SRT's Jordan Brandt who had drawn minute 1. "It was great being complete dust free all day. The markings were great and the trails were awesome! The only problem was break trail in the 2nd test... that was tough" said Brandt while waiting for the 2nd loop to start. The other riders out front that would suffer were Puvines Racing's Nuck Burson and 3 Brothers KTM's Ryan Kudla. All three would shave more then 2 minutes off their 2nd test time on the 2nd run through. The hot minutes to be on were 37-40. KTM/FMF's Ivan Ramirez lead on 37 with Kyle Redmond on 38, Quinn Cody on 39 and Brandon Brieto on 40. The riders were able to leave a gap before they started their tests to help with dust and enjoyed the nicely burned in trails for their run. The proof was in the pudding with the riders posting the 4 fastest times in test 2, 28:49-30:09 with Burson and Brandt following 20 seconds behind. 

The event was run in a "Sprint Enduro" format - Qualifier tests, 2 per loop, 3 laps on the same loop. So as the course burned in the Pro's/A's started getting excited about the ruts forming so you could rail every turn while the B's/C's were getting stressed out about the ruts forming. When the final test of the day came around a wrench was thrown in the whole event. As the Ranch is on tribal lands it falls under the jurisdiction of the Local Tribal Council. One of the land holders decided last second that they didn't like what was going on and said "you gotta go! NOW!" So the final test of the day was thrown out, being the most technical of the day many riders were disappointed. "That's where I was going to make up all my time!" said Redmond while Kudla commented "I was looking forward to it. For once I felt really good going into the final section. It happens though...I guess." Many more riders were more then relieved that they were done. While the event ended up only being 55 miles it was still one of the longest, most technical days many riders have ever participated in. "It wasn't that it was hard, it just never ended... turn after turn after turn after turn. I started to get dizzy!" said one of the event sweep riders.

Ramirez would take the overall on the day completing his marathon weekend after winning the AMA/ART National Hare and Hound the day prior 6 hours north in Caliente, NV. "I really like the slower stuff." said Ramirez "This was exactly like the Tecate HS and I loved it!" Several other riders made the trek south after the National incluing Burson who took a pair of 3rds and even the Race Director Erek Kudla who not only laid out the course but headed to Caliente to score the National then came all the way back to run sweep! "I rarely get to be out on course to see how things shape up, check in with my check guys and watch any type of action, so it was a really cool way to end the long weekend."

Top 10 OVERALL: 

1. Ivan Ramirez (KTM) 98:57

2. Kyle Redmond (KTM) 100:04

3. Nicholas Burson (BET) 100:21

4. Brandon Prieto (KTM) 103:08

5. Jordan Brandt (YAM) 103:24

6. Quinn Cody (KTM) 103:55

7. Justin Morgan (HSQ) 105:07

8. Ryan Kudla (KTM) 106:29

9. Kevin Dejongh (KTM) 109:59

10. Michael Allen (HON) 111:40

Complete Results Click Here


Round 7 Pre Entry May 28th!

More then a MUST - It's a National Enduo this season!!!

Pre Entry opens May 28th 7pm Central - 5pm Pacific at www.moto-tally.com/nepg/preentry.aspx


The 2014 AMA/SRT Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship will be returning to Grand Junction Colorado for the 2nd time in the series' short history. As one of the favorite stop on the entire circuit for many of the racers that headed North last year we are more then excited to have the event as Round 7 of the 2014 series. 

This year, however, there is HUGE news with the event. It will also be Round 8 of the AMA/Kenda National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing! That means not only will the competition be greater then ever but Pre-Entry is an absolute MUST. The National Enduro series has a history of selling out in days and sometimes even HOURS!

Pre Entry opens May 28th 7pm Central - 5pm Pacific at www.moto-tally.com/nepg/preentry.aspx


2014 Standings up to Date

Lots of great battles are shaping up this season! Make sure to check out the standings to see how you are doing in the series! I know I will be at the final 3 rounds to try and take the 250 A title!!!

- Standings as of Rnd 6 -



  2014 SEASON 
RND 1 - Jan 18/19 - Qualifier - Santa Clarita, Ca - Lost Coyotes MC - D37

RND 2 - Feb 15/16 - Qualifier - Wickenburg, AZ - FASTr MC - AMRA

RND 3 - Mar 29/30 - TimeKeeper - Lucerne Valley, CA - United MC - D37

RND 4 - Apr 12/13 - Restart - Camp Wood, AZ - AZ Trail Riders - AMRA

RND 5 - Apr 26/27 - 2 Day Qualifier - Cascade, Mt - Team Montana ISDE 

RND 6 - May 17/18 - Qualifier - Anza, Ca - Ventura County MC - D37

RND 7 - Aug 9/10 - AMA Nat. Enduo - Grand Junction, CO - BookCliff Rattlers MC - RMEC

RND 8 - Nov 8/9 - Restart - Stoneyford, Ca - Valley Climbers MC. - D36

RND 9 - Nov 15/16 - Time Keeper - Red Mountain, Ca - Training Wheels MC - D37








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