Changing Fork Oil

I just picked up my WR450 and I read that I should change the fork oil after the initial break-in period. Is this a must do and how difficult is it to perform? I have never taken forks apart before.

It is a good idea to change the oil a couple times a year, It is not too hard to do if you have some mechanical ability. You can change the oil without totally disassembling the forks, BUT , I would recommend going completely thru the forks once a year. Make sure you have a fork oil height gauge before tearing into them.

I change the oil in spring and fall, and completely go thru them every fall. Make sure to use a good quality oil, I use Silkolene synthetic 5 wt at 135 mm. Follow the directions in the manual and it is pretty cut and dry. :)


Do you pull the fork completely off the bike?

The stock fork oil gets dirty (black) really quick even within a few rides, I found if you use Maxima oil it will stay clean for months some of the other brands fare no better than the stock oil such as Silkolene, I have no idea why this is they just contaminate really easy.

Yes, you take the forks completely off the bike, You then remove the springs, and dump the old oil out. Then you "pump" the rest of the oil out with the damping rod, or you can disassemble and clean the rest of the fork. Again I recommend doing the complete disassembly at least once a year.

As far as fork oil, go with whatever you are comfortable with, preferably a synthetic oil.


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