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77xl75 bunk transmission

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Hi all, I currently have a 77 honda xl75 that I rebuilt about 5 yrs ago and in doing so, I added components from a doner clapped out xr75  parts bike. Camshaft, xr carb,the xr 5speed gearbox, ported the head etc.I also added a 15 tooth countershaft to the 39 tooth rear to give it longer legs for the street plus a powroll style supertrapp exhaust.I recently registered it for the street and began really riding it around town. It was a blast to ride! winding the piss out of it to get it to move, even getting up to 55 mph once or twice having to wind it out to do so.since then, something has happened to the gearbox. it's popped out of gear a couple of times and now doesn't want to upshift or downshift smoothly. gear action feels harsh. I'm thinking the shift drum is outta alignment, shift forks are broken or slidershafts. I dunnow. I need someone with a little experience with these engines to give me some insight about these gearboxes as apparently I'm going to have to tear the engine back apart to see what happened.I have plenty of spare parts,but it's something I'm not looking forward to especially after the rings have seated good on a somewhat fresh overbore! it still runs great! it just won't shift. I'm afraid once I put it back together the rings won't reseat and it'll burn oil.through experience I've found that the rings on these small engines are extremely tempermental.Any advice on this would be appreciated...



                                                                                                                                                           thanks in advance, Jeff




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