Phoenix trip

Hey Boys,

I have a 5 day trip planned for next month to be in the Phoenix area for some riding. Does anyone have any jetting recommendations for me? Usually I ride about 500ft above sea level, this is my first time out west on the dirt bike. The guy I am going to visit out there says we will be riding from anywhere between 700 and 11,000ft above. Does anyone have some suggestions what jets to bring with? Any help would be much appreciated. My bike is a 2000 426. Also, anyone interested in meeting up out there for a ride? He sais something about riding the national enduro loop for a day, he said some parts are pretty tough. Is that true?



I'd think 2 down on the main would be good for Phoenix, you may want to move the needle down 1 also. Bring your full coverage skid plate, and full coverage hangaurds also. The national enduro area is 6" wide trails covered in "baby head size" rocks, lined with cactus, on the sides of mountains. Too tough for me, but great fun for guys in better shape (read: i'm too fat for that). There are some really fun "C" trails in that area too. Check out az trail talk, there are some good ride reports from that area there.

I wonder if you mean 1100 not 11000. I don't know of any riding at 11000ft in Az. Elevation around Phx is 1000ft to 3000ft unless you travel to Prescott or Flagstaff.

I ran stock jetting for along time in my '00 426 here, never had a problem. Didn't change it until I did the BK mod.

Court is right, the enduro loop is tough, if your not good on tight, rocky singletrack with lot's of hills tell him to take you to the "Towers". Much easier and less rocks. If your bike is stock you will suffer on the enduro loop, well, maybe ok for the C loop.

I helped cut most of the trails for the enduro, I may even know your friend. Let me know when your coming, I'll tag along if I don't have a race that weekend.

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