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crf 150r won't start

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I have a 2012 crf 150r with only about 20hrs on it.  It has been overheating since it was new (bought it new in nov 2013 as a leftover).  It wouldn't idle on the low end and was very erratic, but once on the throttle ran good.  I figured it was running on the lean side down low so I swapped out the pilot jet from the stock 38 to a 42.  I also changed the head and base gaskets because there was a lot of foaming in the radiator so I feared a blown head gasket.  Since doing this work it won't run at all.  It has popped a couple times and acted like it may start, but it hasn't started since taking it apart.  The intake valves are spot on at .006" clearance and the exhaust is perfect per Honda specs as well.  I've triple checked the timing and everything on the top end seems good.  I did start the bike once after changing out the 38pilot to the 42 before changing the head gasket out so I know it runs fine with it.  I'm leaning towards an ignition issue.  When pulling the plug it isCAM00469.jpgCAM00470.jpg wet after attempting to start (tried a new plug with no luck).   My fuel screw is 2 turns off of seat, and my main jet is a 142.  I'm an old 2 stroke guy and have never had this much trouble getting a bike going ever....


I've searched the forums a bit and have tried everything I"ve read.  My question is how does the timing on these bikes work?  Also, how can I Easily check the spark.  and will the TPS cause an issue where the bike won't start?  Compression seems fine and I'm positive I have the caAdd to Postm timiAdd to Postng correct (I've triple checked)





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