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stutters in low RPM

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Great forum and website.. and thanks to all the people helping us squids newbs

2000 RM 250 (two stroke)

stock xhaust and pipes

added vforce reed valves recently

strong mx bike and i ride trails in NJ..pretty tight , not wide open.   so when i go down more wide open trails,, she pulls and run like a champs...but i mainly ride tighter, low gear, low RPM trails...got the fly wheel weight on her....thew new top end in her...just not the expert jetting carburetor guy...i heard and have general knowledge on idles, pilots, needles and such...but not really...

she stutters in low RPMs..but like i said, she is fine when opened..idles fine in neutral...just stutters in them low RPMS.

just want her nice and crisp...any advice

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It's not about RPM's it's about throttle opening %

It just shows up more in low rpms because of increased load


Adust your fuel screw for highest idle and fasting idle drop after a throttle whack

Drop you needle positon

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