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Michigan Fatality at Denton Creek

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I went there Sunday with my brother-in-law.  As we were getting the bikes off the trailer, got a call from the wife about this accident.  We continued with our ride and then headed to the BBQ.  Everyone there was shocked that we were riding and the accident was all anyone was talking about.  I feel bad for the guy and his family, but I'm not going to stop having fun on a long weekend just because someone had an accident.  Most people are safe when they ride due to the fact that they ride in pairs or groups, and, if riding alone, they take it easy.  I'm not denying that accidents will never happen as this is a dangerous sport/hobby.  I guess all I am trying to say is, "Sorry the the friends and family to the guy who passed away.  To the rest of us, be safe and have fun."

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