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FCR MX37 Vacuum Plate (throttle part) Replacement $$ Tip

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Don't know if this has been posted here yet or not.  If you need to replace the vacuum plate, ordering it as a Honda part is MUCH cheaper.


My son's '11 started making a sort of sucking sound that we timed to be during the intake stroke.  It was hard to tell where it was coming from initially; I thought that we finally were looking at a valve issue (bike has +200 hrs on original valves).


After taking the subframe off it was obvious the sound was coming from the carb.  Some advice recommended replacing the vacuum plate seal ($16) but that didn't do it.  On closer inspection the vacuum plate looked to be very worn.


The vacuum plate alone is like $150!  When something this simple costs this much I start looking for options.  If you look at a parts breakdown for an '05 Honda CRF250R - which has the FCR MX37 carb - you will see BOTH the vacuum plate and seal listed as a kit.  VALVE SET, FLOATING - Honda Code 6911663.  It's also listed as Honda 16037-MEB-671 (for a quad I believe).  Cost range is $60-$75 depending on where you buy it.



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