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2009 KTM 300 SX questions!

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hello TT, im a suzuki 2 stroke section guy moving to the ktm 2 stroke because i sold my 2005 rm 250 and bought a 2009 ktm 250 sx with the 300 kit..


few questions.. this bike is DEFINATELY geared for low end and supercross type riding. ill post pics later but its got a 300 kit with a few mods that i know of..


recluse auto clutch

gnarly pipe with shorty ktm silencer that doesnt fit...

FFW idk what size

vforce reeds

and not sure on gearing.. but its got tons and tons of low end but falls on its face up top..


im a trail rider and im lookin for more top end without having to buy a new head pipe...


if someone can help me out i need to buy a new silencer that will fit the gnarly, this silencer only butts up against the pipe and doesnt slide in it like my rm did. and also the bolt holes back by the seat dont line up and only one will reach to bolt siencer on.. will any 09 300xc silcener fit this pipe!??!


also im going to take FFW off for more revvy feel like my rm was and adjust powervalve to red or advanced spring.. this bike is fast and it rips dont get me wrong but i feel it needs to be opened up more to keep up with 450s and banshees.


also does this recluse clutch take a certain type of oil or will atf type f do...


any tips and pointers about this bike... very very pleased with the clutch and power/reliability so far but want to make it more top end oriented i ran a pro circut stock 304 on the rm and LOVED IT!!! looking for a similar silencer that fits this bike




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I have the same bike just an 08, the gnarly will change the power valve some but very little compared to the power valve spring. I think you will be pleasantly surprised wen you put the red spring in.

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