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2006 WR450F, What Do You Know? (SM Trim)

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Hey people,


Im 26 from the UK and iv just bought a 2006 WR450F in Supermoto trim to make a change from my R1..








I've had it for a couple of days and the thing is, i dont really know a lot about them and was wondering if anyone has had (*or still has) one of these bikes and could share some info - such as...


- Whats the best gearing for these bikes in SM trim?

(I mostly ride on back roads and some light green lane use - havent checked what gearing it is using as yet but it seems very quick on pulling off, you have to change into second after about 10 feet lol - and it seems to top out at about 80mph)


- I've read that the "Grey Wire Mod" doesnt apply and cannot be done to UK spec bikes, is this true?

(Also read that even on bikes that you can do it to, theres no point unless you swap out the exhaust cam from a YZ and shorten the throttle stop - this true?)


- Since the bike has "SM Pro" wheels, do i now need to buy different brake discs / pads.

(im not sure if the caliper will be the same either, I have a set of knobbly tyres on some off road wheels, but no caliper - so assume its the same)


- How often should i change the oil - every 1000 miles?


Thanks in advance

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For an 06 It look brand new. I have a 05 model and it was kind of beat up when I bought it. 


Mine has stock gearing and runs about 80, so I would assume yours would have the same. For supermoto I would use a smaller rear gear or a one tooth bigger front gear if it fits.


All the "grey wire mod" does is let the bike reach higher rpms or that is what I have read. I tried it on mine and didn't notice a difference. So for SM, it wont really do any thing for you.


One think you might want to check is to make sure that the bolts for the fly wheel are still torqued to spec. I had my bike for just a couple of months and three of the bolt had backed themselves out and just completely destroyed the stator and the fly wheel.

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Looking at the fork style, tank size and rear disc guard, it seems you have a very clean 2004 bike there. :thumbsup:


There were loads of 2004 sat in UK dealers unsold in that year (guess they produced based on the 2003 bike’s demand) and were eventually registered on later plates when they were sold.




You can do the grey wire mod to it and a different cam isn’t needed. I would imagine your bike will already have a short throttle stop too



If you find the 2 connector housings on the wiring from the CDI unit (under the tank), one of which has said grey wire in it. Disconnect the connector with the grey wire in and carefully lift the 'tang' (inside the connector housing) above the grey wire terminal to release it (do this loom side rather than CDI side) - then push it rewards out of the terminal block, tape it up soundly an fill the remaining space in the connector housing with some silicon sealant.




As for oil change, depends on how hard you're riding it. i'd say a max of 500 miles and ensure you use good quality oil.


Gearing, not sure. Ask on the UK supermoto forum would be best.


Brakes, cant quite see from the pictures what's fitted front and rear. I'd guess the rear is a stock size disc but the front could be a larger disc, with original caliper using a new caliper bracket.

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A YZ cam isn't needed unless you want your bike to run as well as it can. My engine felt like it blew its nose and can breath now. I could tell it was in there from the second i started it.

You need at least the YZ silencer too

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