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New to me '08 TE450 ( 510 dealer kit ) Am happy !

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Hi all, used to come around here lots back in the day with my '99 YF400F

Still have it, is now a 420 and will be selling this summer.

Just got an '08 TE450 that has 1500 km's on bike itself and a new dealer

upgraded 510 package ( new crank etc. ) The original motor was

locked up from low oil and ice racing from the second owner.

I am the third. Bike will be used to link trails thanks top it's road legal

title here. Riding from my doorstep will again be a reality !

( lost my local riding spot thanks to urban sprawl )


I'll be doing as many free mods as I can plus adding some removable turn indicators.

Bought a Polisport Halo H4 front lamp for better looks and will be getting the suspension

worked on by WER ( Shivers fortk, Sachs shock ) Have read through the

Scott Summers tips published in Dirt Bike mag a few times.


Glad to have gotten one of the last open class Italian bikes ( 08 - 10 model )



Husky 4.jpg

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Have been working on the Husky on and off over the weekend.

General clean-up am getting familiar. Removing minor un needed items such as the

enduro style axel pulling wires and removed the auto side stand pin.

The bike is at my work so in spare time have drilled out a couple

non critical fasteners and lightened a few things here and there.


Am going to go through the whole bike and carefully machine down, drill out,

remove or simplify anything I can that the factory did not have time for on account

of budget. Sort of a homemade works bike hehe.


Going to 13/50 gearing steel sprocket, will turn it down on the non crtitcal

surfaces the way the the stock sprocket comes. Will use a lighter narrower

chain and will put on the BRP chain guide and case saver.


Have the Polisport Halo light waiting to go on, need a connecter, will get tomorrow.


Removed glide plate and will put in the black plastic Hyde one, that sort of deal.

Am having fun and even if not much weight is saved will have my personal

machinist's touch.



Lighter tubes and tires in the works.


I'm hoping to be under 275 once all said and done.

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Were there an '08 1/2 model ?


Looking at the parts fiche the early 2008 has the older style tubular frame with a

welded on magneto guard.


Looks like the previous '07 style with round tubing and longer backbone.

I have the same frame as the '09 and '10 with oval style tubing and full perimeter style.

Only difference is I have the steel tubing magneto guard which was replaced

with the plastic guards for '08-'10


I do have the perforated alu. clutch guard on the other side and not the updated plastic ones.


Mine is TE450 '08

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Could also just be a mistake in the parts fiche drawing, looks like whoever made the

parts fiche drawing updated the sub frame but forgot about the main frame and

forgot to save the newer revision. Thing that's bugging me is looking back at bike

tests the '09 '10 was supposed to have gotten an updated frame 1 kg lighter with

different geometry. I just don't see it except for the magneto guard difference.

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