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2000 xr100 won't run with choke off please help

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So I recently purchased a 2000 xr100 and it refuses to run with the choke off even when warmed up. The bike runs beautifully with the choke on and I wouldn't even mind except for the fact that it fouls plugs more and has way more buildup in the exhaust pipe. For modifications I have a bbr pipe on it and I have the airbox opened up. I tried putting the stock pipe/ jets back on but it still won't run with choke off. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

I'm also trying to sell it soon so I would love to get it running straight.

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Are you sure it's on?  Up = on  - - - Down = Off.   If that is what's going on, most likely you have an air leak.  Usually is the intake manifold, since they like to get cracks in them every so often.  Just get it idling and spray some brake or parts cleaner around the intake and the head gasket.  (some people use other products, but whatever works)  If the rpm's change, there's an air leak.  If you did get the lever mixed up, you wouldn't be the first, so don't worry on that. 

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I wrote this for the DR-Z125 forum, but it applies to all new-to-me bikes.


Check your valve lash. This will mimic carb problems, drive you nuts and eventually you'll wonder why the thing won't run at all. Then you'll get frustrated when it reads 60 static PSI and sell it for a loss, where I'll come along, pick it up, reset your carb to stock and in 45 minutes have a sweet running DR-Z125.


I had written a list somewhere of the things that I do to every new to me bike, but I can't find it on TT, so hopefully I'm not forgetting anything:

Remove the gas tank, drain the gas - the lawnmower will run with it most of the time.

Drain the oil and remove the filter

Set the engine to TDC and adjust the valves Clearly, if this is a smoker, it's not required, in that case, you'll examine the reeds later if it doesn't run right.

Clean and inspect the air filter.

Clean the carb completely. Replace any broken worn parts.

Check the spark plug, replace if needed.

Do a compression test. Higher is better of course.

Reinstall the carb.

Oil the air filter element and re-install it.

Replace the oil filter, fill with oil.

Replace the gas tank.

Inspect the bars - sometimes bent bars only show up with riding though.

Fix the levers.

Check the steering stem nut. Loose nuts cause the bike to wander/act like the forks are bent or the front wheel is damaged. Also this is insanely dangerous if it comes off when riding. Worse than anything you can imagine.

Replace the tires if needed, while you're at it, check all the spokes and true the wheel.

Adjust/replace the chain.

Replace the brake fluid/adjust the cable.

Fill with gas and kick it.

Adjust the clutch.


Ride happy! Follow this list and you'll find and fix most of the problems with a new to me bike. If for some reason it doesn't run right, then you know it's something bigger or something electrical.


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u sure choke is coming  open my choke lever worked fine but realized the metal piece that plastic lever accuates was hanging on my fuel line clamp...

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