new friction plates, clutch problem yz426f

allright, i´ll try to write this in english..



i installed new friction plates in my yz426f yesterday and the clutch actuator arm was loose more than half the way .

i had to tighten the wire both on the lever and on the engine FULLY , now the clutch feel ok in the lever but it wont do its job.

i tried to put first and second gear in with the engine running and the clutchlever pulled in, and they smack in to gear.

the bike pulls quite a bit if i rev the engine while doing the above..


so im about to tare it all apart .


anyone got any ideas?  

feels like i have put the steel plate thats in the bottom of the clutch pack upside down (NR13) or that the push rod (NR22) has been worn down with the old friction plates ???


is it possible that the clutch actuator arm´s not in the right place? ( i had the wire lifted off while installing because i was about to put the recluse zstart in but changed my mind)







piece of shit pirate friction plates.

removed the 2 in the old stack that were worn out and replaced them with 2 new. and 1 steel plate .


runs like a charm.

Quite often, low cost friction plate replacements will drag badly until they get some time on them.  Usually only takes one good ride to glaze them over and compress them to the point where they release right.  But then they have other problems.  Use OEM plates for the best results.

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