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wheels aftermarket

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hi all been thinking of doing all sorts to the 250x ,when i was checking out ebay looking for an exhaust , i came across a firm called W.C.A (from the u.s) who have wheels for the crf and other models for 370 pounds u.k They come with bearings,, spacers & seals and are  made with 6061 -t6 grade ali, spool type hub ss spokes all polished 7000 series rims and come in red hubs with black rims sounds good but the sizes are 21"front with a 19"rear even though the add addresses this rear being a different size be it an inch they assure me it will fit just fine, i was wondering if itwould cause any problems (handling) ? i think it will be ok i will have an easier time more choice with tyres but i have never heard of this company and dont want to get wheels made from coke cans anyone had dealing with W.C.A WHEELS LOOK GREAT IN THE ADD thanks all just want to be on the safe side

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