Any difference in fork seal brands?

Ok, in my last post I open my big mouth and replied I didn't have any problems with my fork the left side is leaking. I really cant figure out how this happened. I always spray off my bike after I ride and keep the forks clean. I pack grease up inside the wipers on both side to catch any dirt I might miss. And then today I started to unload my bike I saw oil on my fork. To keep me from having to do this AGAIN I would like to know which brands of seals should I go with, that might hold up better than the stock ones? I am also planning to use seal savers just for extra insurance. Any opinions from anyone who has or are using them?


If you want to keep from replacing your seals frequently the only thing you can do is either of these things:

Use the SRC or other seal savers as you mentioned, or dont ride your bike, particularly in muddy conditions. I knew when I bought my bike that with out the rubber boots I would be replacing them frequently so I invested in a seal driver.

Just be very careful puttting in new ones. You can damage them easily. I learned this the hard way by replacing them 3-4 times before realizing what I was doing wrong.

As far as after market fork seals, I have no idea if anyone else even makes them. :)

p.s. When you put new fork seals in I highly suggest replacing the dust covers (wipers) also. If they areletting dirt and grit by now they will do it again.


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696, Welcome to the word of Yamaha seals.... The first month that I had my 98'WR I blew the seals out, the same happend when I got my 01 and I dont know why. I was wondering if it was because the bikes have been sitting in the factory for awhile and the seals just got old. Who knows why? I usually trailer my bike on a "Motocross caddy" and I don't think that I tie them down too tight but I just might. Im just afraid of my bike coming off the back of my truck. To answer your question on different manufatcures,im not too sure but I think a company called Flanders makes (distributes) aftermarket seals. Best of luck,


Well, I learned that Factory Connection makes aftermarket seals. For $35-$45 they are suppose to be made of softer material, to seal to the fork better, and have 1mm extra on the seal itself to give you more protection. I might give them a try.


I'll agree and say yamaha seals are junk. One year and 3 sets later I too am looking for a replacement source. I think I will try them too. thanks

696, Please let us know how the new seals work out. I am looking to fix a few leaky forks myself.

Tim Heslip

Heres a great solution to your problems with your fork seals.

After replacing them 3 times some one told me about the gause trick.

this may sound crazy but I wrap a peice of 2.5 inch gause in between my fork seal and dust seal(one time around).

Changed every couple rides(it gets very dirty)

this has worked great for two years (same seals)

One thing critical for seal life is to ensure your front wheel is centered perfectly on the forks.

If you just crank on the axle nut after mounting, IT WILL NOT BE CENTERED. The axle nut is the last thing to snug up AFTER centering using your brake and tightening of the axle clamp bolts. I hammer (be careful about going in too far - you may snap the fork split) a screwdriver (each fork leg) into the gap on the lower fork, where the axle pops through. This way the brake centering will allow the axle to "float" in the fork legs. You have to spin the front tire and grab a handful of front brake. I do this several times, spinning the tire in the forward and reverse direction. When you are satisfied it is indeed centered, tighten the axle CLAMP nuts (2 per leg). THEN snug up on the axle nut. I have seen the fork legs get squeezed together onto the wheel, throwing the forks out of alignment, at which point I had to loosen everything and start all over.


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Kevn NH,

Thanks for the tip. One of my fork seals starting leaking w/in 2 rides after re-installing the front tire! Could it be?

NH Kevin, Thanks for the info. I'm 99% sure thats what caused mine to leak. Luckily mine is still under warranty. I'm going to have the dealer install the Factory Connection fork seals and keep the Yamaha ones for back ups. I will also use the gause tape trick as well, I'm sure a ounce of prevention will go along way. It will be awhile before I reply to let you know how the Factory Connection seals are holding up, the dealer is 5 weeks behind, but they should be able to squeeze me in next week.


Dude, Factory Connection is 30 minutes from my house...want me to give them a call


'99 WZ with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC.

Great advice NH Kevin. Also without "floating" the the front tire, it greatly reduces front end feel and will prematurely wear out your shocks.

i have 98 wr400 and was always blowing out fork seals.but last year i switched from the wr400 oem seals to 98 kx250 oem seals and havent had a problem since.the 98kx250 seal dimension are exactly same as 98wr400 seals but are made of a different rubber compound.they cost about $16 ea. compared to $5ea for the yamaha seals but they are well worth it.

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