Pics of new ASV levers and CR brake line.

Clutch lever took a little work.





I like those shorty levers. I hear that ASV's are tough to break. Christmas still coming to you? Good Mods! :)

Yeah, I'm done for a bit. I'm afraid I won't recognize it next time I ride.

Interested in the honda break line remount. Did it improve the front break much?

San Jose, Those are great mods to do.... Excellent work... I see both of those mods in my near future... Thanks for the pics.... Ps... Watch your chain tension.. Any looser than you have now and you'll be eating up the chain slider.

Dan :)

Why is it you got the ASV's when they will never break behind those gaurds? I like them but isn't that a little over kill. Hey, if it's just money to burn, that's cool. :)

ODI grips are nice aren't they.

The lever still comes in the same amount before contact, but after it seems firmer.

The ASV levers are a little shorter. I had my stock clutch lever cut so I could use the guards. Also the ASV levers are thicker (taller). They feel better. I crash alot too.

The grps are awesome. They bolt on.

I will check chain tensioner.

I'm curious how you mounted the number plate? Details, details.... :)


Mr Toyz

It just takes a little imagination. I was able to remove some of the brackets, and use zip tys to hold it down. The hardest part was moving the ignition switch. I neded up turning it sideways and ziptying it to the number plate.

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