Mystery Sprocket


I have a 1999 yz400f and it needs a new rear sprocket. the problem im having is that neither of the parts stores in my area have a sprocket that has the same bolt pattern as the one i have. 

I measured the distance between the middle of two holes across from each other and got around 176mm. 

So ive checked parts stores and can find nothing online. should i try to get a sturdy looking sprocket and try to drill my own holes? 

I dont really want to buy a whole new wheel or hub just because i cant find a sprocket...

Are you sure the rear hub is yz400 hub?

Or does it have a mystery hub and wheel?

A picture would help.

If it is a 99 YZ rear hub then it should use the same sprocket as any other modern YZ. Yamaha hasn't changed their rear sprocket dimensions in almost 2 decades.

It's not a YZ hub, that's your problem.  A YZ has a bolt pattern of 6 holes on a 150mm circle. 


Like KJ said, Yamaha hasn't changed that in since before '97 sometime.

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