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Odd tick in front '07

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This is kind of a long shot if anyone's had this, but about 100 miles ago I picked up a tick I could hear as the fork compresses under breaking and another as the fork extends. Sounds almost like a switch going on and off, coming from around the front fairing.

Appears not to be brake related as if I put the tire against a solid object, no brake, same noise with compression and extension.

Pulled fairing, tank, etc., noise still there, sounds like fork stem area, couldn't see anything rubbing, etc. I did put in a new clutch cable recently, everything looked fine.

Steering stem is fine.

Pulled fork caps, checked spacers, washers, and top half of springs (to avoid mess) fine.

Pumped out fork oil and letting the last drain tonight, due for a change anyway. Will pull the springs and gold valves jut to check but I don't think it's the forks.

Springs out I pump, bike on the jack and see if it goes away, or I can more easily discover something in a position with ear closer.

Just wondering if anyone had any experience with any thing similar?


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