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2002 125 build

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So I need some help all.  

I have a 2002 that needs some love, and I was needing help estimating my costs, and pirotizing the build.


I know I need:

Top end rebuild - low compression - can I still ride track on this for a while you think?

new Radiators - right side is bent pretty good, not leaking but still a need.


New wheels/Tires

suspension re valved


New Leavers - going unbreakable for future expenses


Pipe/silencer combo (have a FMF fatty and stock combo now .


then the pretty stuff plastics and such.



I think this is a good order - I can't do it all at once, this will be a year or 2 long project but what should i be looking at cost wise for all this? Anything I'm missing?


And the motor work I'll have done, as I don't trust myself inside it yet. 

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