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625 smc no spark

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Okay so I am having one of the most frustrating issues to date. My 625 smc will not produce a spark. I have looked in the repair manual and it tells me all these resistances that I should be seeing but I dont understand how to get these measurements. I tested the pulse generator/coil by putting the leads of my multimeter into the connecter leading straight into the pulse generator. I got a reading of zero, so I went ahead and put a new one in, tested the same way, still zero, still no spark. I looked a little further into it and started testing the stator, ignition coil, etc and havent gotten anything to read. So what am I doing wrong, how do I test these things? I have a white and green wire running from the pulse coil, the green connects to a yellow/blue wire and the white to a white wire. from the stator I have red, yellow, and black wires, each one connects to a yellow wire. the ignition coil has a blue/white wire coming off of it with a green wire grounded. What do I plug/unplug, and what do I attach multimeter leads to? 


Thanks to those who attempt to help me. 


This is what I am looking at:



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