2009 - YZ450F Headlight Options

Ehh everyone! Bike season here in Nova Scotia is well under way. Got my son of a gun crank case patched up with JB weld and it is good to go for the summer. Just wondering of anyone has any headlight options for a 09 YZ450. I've been taking a look around and havent had much luck at all. I'd just love to have something rigged up for the summer. I know most of you fellas on here know way more then I do so maybe you could help me. If you guys have any input at all it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks bi's. Take care. 

From what I know the 09 has a very low power stator and can't support traditional headlights. I use Polisport's LED on my '11. It is suprisingly bright for only 6W of total power. I wouldn't plan to ride a few hundred ks at night with this headlight but to get you back to the truck after a ride goes late, it's perfect.

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