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Street bike vs dirt bike engine reliability..confused..

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Just out of curiosity I was wondering how inline 4 street bike motors can rev so high (for example a yamaha r6 redlines at 16,500 rpms) and hold up for many miles without wearing out the piston and rings? A modern single cylinder 4 stroke dirtbike motor can rev to at most about 14,000 and even in recreational use for trail riding the piston and rings have to be replaced quite often, and that's with keeping the air filter cleaned and the oil changed frequently! What is so different in design that allows a street bike motor to last at high rpms, running the same high compression pistons, etc. and not need to be rebuilt like a dirtbike? Is it because of having more cylinders, makes for less stress on just the one piston or a dirtbike or what is it?


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