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2006 CRF250R Shim/Re-Shim Problems Please Help

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Hello TT

I'm not sure if this is the right category to post in if it isn't could a mod please move it ... thanks

I ordered some shims from the states about a week ago.


I done the valve clearances and pulled it all apart


Now the clearances that I got with the feeler gauge makes no sense to me

I tried using the CRF250 Shim Guide excel file but no luck


The measurements are as followed:


Left Intake = 0.23mm
Right Intake = 0.08mm

Left Exhaust = 0.10mm
Right Exhaust = 0 (I couldn't even get the smallest feeler gauge I had in)


So does this mean my clearances/specs are all out of wack?


Im trying to figure out which shims to put back in with the kit I bought.



Any help would be greatly appreciated ... thanks

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