Noise Pollution

So I was recently at Stonyford, CA riding when a ranger stoped by my camp to "educate" me on some new noise pollution laws. He said that he wanted to test my bike to let me know what decibal it is at for educational porposes. To make a long story short my 01 426 spit out 113db with a Pro Circut T4 exaust. He said that I was so grossly over that he should write me a ticket anyway. He let me go and said "don't come back until you have new exaust". I am fine with all of this, I don't like loud exaust anyway. I recently read a Dirt Rider mag that did a comparo on exaust systems (with db ratings) and the spec they gave for the T4 was like 103 (or something way off of what my bike was tested at). I am thinking that they did their test at a different RPM or something. So my question is, I am ready to go any buy something more quiet so what do you guys run and how loud is it? Thanks for your input.

One of my guys is supposed to get me a T-4 we mainly ride desert, we dont see too many rangers, if we do its only on the major holidays. So is this a 02 new law or has it always been in effect and they are just now enforcing it? Ill keep this in mind. sorry this didnt answer your q's. :)

What's next, test camper generaters mabye Speed Limits? When your ridding, which is usually 50 miles (at least) away from civiliation is it really that much of a problem, give me a break. Anyway, how about those pre-runners, bet they don't get tested. Just my 2 cents :)

Wow...I have never heard of anybody getting hassled about sound where I ride in the deserts of SoCal. My 1999 400 is very loud with an FMF Power Core 4 (squared). Tests show about 105db, but I think it's more. Now, it makes me wonder if I will get any grief in the future.

My riding buddies were tested a couple weeks ago. They(rangers) tested and took photos of their pipes. They were told now was just a warning but very soon they will have to write ya a ticket and send you home.

I live really close to lots of riding areas here in Lake County so If I get sent home no big deal. But there is always alot of people up here from the bay area which is 3 hours. It would really be a bummer to drive all that way to get sent home with a ticket and Im sure a fine of some sort.

I recently bought a Big Gun QUIET and hate it! It killed the power big time. I gonna put the race core in it and take my chances for now

I'm running the White Bros E series. When I first bought the bike (used) it had twelve discs in it. I don't mind noise but it was pretty loud. I removed half of the discs so now I'm running six. It's loads quieter. I didn't have it tested before or after but, it's awful nice to be able to change the level of your exhaust with a single tool (hex bit) in a couple minutes time (on the spot if necessary). According to White Bros webpage, removing discs doesn't necessarily decrease power but moves it down lower in the rpms. I didn't notice a huge difference in the power but then, I don't race either. All in all I like the pipe and really like the fact that you can adjust it.

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I was at hollister a few weeks ago and they were doing a "survey" to see how loud your exaust was. It was not to enforce any rules (I was lead to believe) but I stayed away after my bad experience at Stonyford. Thanks for the info on the BIG GUN and White Bros exaust, it is greatly appreciated. Does anyone in here have an FMF Quite? I would really like to know how well that works, because the ranger told me that it WILL pass the noise test. Just to be clear, I don't care that my bike can't have a super loud exaust, I DON'T WANT TO GET ANY RIDING AREAS CLOSED DOWN!! I hope that the people that have not purchased exaust yet buy something that is not too intrusive becasue it sucks to have to buy two systems, trust me.

I just got the new FMF Q-series, and yes it is very quiet. The bike still performs pretty well, the white bros E-series performs better, but i would rather ride than go home. I went to Stonyford over new years weekend with the new muffler and no one stopped me at all, so i guess it worked. Good luck.

This is all fine and dandy that they're testing for sound levels "BUT" are they testing all bikes or just the ones they think might fail??? Then will they come out with their test results in 6 mounths stating 99% of all motorcycles test fail a sound check. When they start doing stuff like this without notifing people it makes me wonder, and when they take pictures they're documenting their information, be careful people were going to be hit hard on this one.

MXOldTimer is correct.

For those of you who insist on running loud exhausts, you're just ruining it for everyone else. Noise is our worst enemy and the new 4-strokes are a major factor. The 4-stroke sound carries much farther than a 2-stroke. My 426 with the stock muffler was horribly loud. I now run the White Bros. E-Series with only 5 discs and it's still too loud, IMHO. I'm going down to 4 discs and try it. I've heard the new FMF is even quieter - hope so.

The original post said something like 116db - that's absurd. That's not even a muffler. With 5 discs I'm at about 94-95db - still not acceptable. If the aftermarket companies wanted to, they could make quiet performance mufflers that would run at under 90db, but everyone thinks louder is faster, which is not necessarily so. Personally, I'm getting tired of riding areas getting closed due to loud pipes, so please do your part, quiet your bike, and enjoy more riding areas. This is the main item non-riders and eco-nazis use against us, so don't give them the chance.


And you guts still do not get it , it's not the noise it;s the bike they do not like .I have foght this battle before it came down to not likeing the motorcycle.Im not saying that its ok to have a high dl.And on the fed,dl that is not for off road.

"And you guts still do not get it"

Hey 454, I could not agree with you more.

This thread is getting hot. GOOD.

I think YZ454 is right about the bike being the ultimate issue. They (tree huggers and the feds they are buying) are merely looking for things ON the bike that they can justify as needing regulation or just flat-out getting it banned. They look to emissions and now more and more, to the noise issue. Next, they will try to regulate tire rubber compound for environmental impact or excess fluids dripping from overflow tubes. Will we need some sort of recovery system for the fluids to carry on the bike? Jeez, am I coming up with good ideas for those clowns?

What RPM's are these rangers recording their findings at, anyhow?

Just my ramblings...

I agree that the "greenies" simply want to ban the bikes - noise is just an easy way to do it. If they don't use the noise issue then they use erosion, destruction of wildlife habitat, ozone depletion, fire hazard, don't like people having fun, etc.

I hope some of you got to read my post on (a thread that I do not remember!) Yellowstone and the Sleds.........Well....... It starts with one thing (2strokes....then NOISY 4strks......then mtn bikes.....then HORSES....... then HUMANS!!!!!

When do these bastards think they have enuf?

What they are really pissed about is that someone with more MONETARY POSSESIONS (toys) than them is on THEIR land. Little do they see They will soon be fighting to kick themselves off of "THEIR" OWN land.



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I agree that too much noise is absurd but, at the same time if I wanted a QUIET/SSSLOWWWW bike , I would have bought an XR.

I have a NOLEEN HVO (high volume output) PIPE and it is ridiculously loud. Kinda' like strapping a coffee can on the end of the header to amplify the sound and echo. (not to mention ugly) I currently run the E-series which is still kinda loud w/14 disc but anything less just kills the top end (which is the sole reason i own this bike) In the Dez what else do you need besides top end? Even dropping to 8discs it is still loud, so if it is out of bounds with 8discs or 14discs , what is the diff?

Kind of like saying 68mph in a 65zone is ok but 78mph in a 65 isn't !!!!

Pretty hypocritical!

no offence to anyone i hope! :)


I can’t believe the replies to this post. Is anyone going to question this, I know every US citizen has one congressman and two senators. Is it a federal law or EPA regulation? Better yet, judging from the replies, let’s all just roll over and let liberals close the trails. After all that’s what these law are designed to do, just ask any tree hugger.

That said here’s Code of Federal Regulations Title 40, Volume 21 Subpart D-Motorcycles Sec 205.151 paragraph (a)(2)

(2) Off-road motorcycles of the following and subsequent model years

must not produce noise emissions in excess of the levels indicated:

(i) Off-road motorcycles with engine displacements of 170 cc and


-------------------------------------------------- A-weighted

Model year noise

level (dB)


(A) 1983............................................83

(:) 1986............................................80


(ii) Off-road motorcycles with engine displacements greater than 170 cc:

------------------------------------------------- A-weighted

Model year noise

level (dB)


(A) 1983............................................86

(:D 1986............................................82


Subpart-D Motorcycles

Great News (in regards to the reason I started this tread)! I was reading Dirt Rider last night and found that Pro Circut makes a quiet core for my T4. I can't wait to find out the results of this product are.

In regards where this tread has been going, I LOVE TO RIDE (just like all of you). I hate people telling me what I can and can't do (just like all of you). But I do know that this world is getting smaller every day, and one of the riding ares that I frequent is extremly close to new houses (track was there first). I don't agree with extremest on either side, I love to ride single track trails but how would it be if we logged everything? All I am trying to say is, I want to ride, but I don't want to ride with no regard for anything or anyone else (that is dumb). We all have to be responible for our actions and I TRY to practice what I preach by not littering, dumping oil down the drain, and performing trail maintenance (when NECESSARY). This is my opinion, I am not trying to change yours, I just want to ride (for many years to come). Extrmests SUCK

In regards to laws,

Almost every county has a noise ordinance. In El Dorado County (CA)if you are making an "unreasonable noise" theat disturbs the peace of another, on public or private land, you can be charged with a misdemeanor (and if you piss off the cop he has the right to impound your noise maker as evidence). I am not sure what the state guys enforcing but it's probably an infraction under some state or federal code.

If you are not a member of an off-road group that tries to effect legislation (on all levels) then you should be. That is how we are going to keep areas open for us. Can someone recommend organizations to join.

I just returned to m/c riding and I am relearning everything (including these rediculous rules). Is Stoneyford a State Park / OHV area? It seems to me the State areas are more problem areas then federal lands (USFS, BLM). I was at Mammoth Bar yesterday and read a sign that I was required to have a spark arrester (which my stock 426 does not have). Do I really need a spark arrester for the track area (like the dirt is gonna burn)??????

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