Noise Pollution


I am very surprised that you were able to ride at Mamoth Bar with no spark arrestor. They are really tight there because of all the issues that the envoirmentalist are bringing up about the river. I was not allowed to ride there because my reg was not properly displayed (my bike was registered but I forgot to put my new sticker on). Two of my friends were not allowed to enter because of the spark arrestor. They are very strict at Mamoth Bar to say the least.

I don't think that Stonyford is and OHV park like Hollister or Carnigy, it is like public land similar to Pie Pie or Crystal Springs Recreation area. I know that the maps for these places are the same/different in this relation.

You know what...

It seems you NorCal guys get more trouble from the law than we do here in SoCal as far as spark arrestors/noise is concerned. Why? Perhaps it's because there are more flora and fuana or something? I know that sounds lame, but it's just something I noticed.

Like I need a spark arrestor becuase I might set the desert rocks and dirt on fire. :)

I don't think it's just non-riders or people who hate bikes that are against noise pollution. I ride and race a KX250. My practise track is in a rural area (in Canada) of people who do not like motocross. Why? Because of the noise. I had my first track bulldozed down because the persecution from the neighbors became so bad. I built another, smaller one, deeper in the back hills and made it totally private and I don't get complaints anymore.

Our county councellor tried to pass a noise bylaw over this whole thing. Noise pollution is a major issue.

I love YZF's and want to get one but have promised myself that when I do, I'm not going to get a loud aftermarket pipe. It annoys the neighbors and even the other riders on the track. As a two-stroke rider at the time, I hate being behind a YZF and I hate being beside one on the gate. Those things send reverberations through the nearest riders chest and make it so he can't even hear his own bike.

Excess noise is an enemy to our sport. Unless its on race day, if we run loud pipes, we are our own greatest enemy.

My 2 cents on this:

Our sport is probably one of the least popular among the general public, the reason? People see us as trail chewing, exhaust spewing, loud and roudy rednecks shouting Yee-haw as we tear up the forest and ruin their peaceful picnics. We all know this is NOT true, so how do we change public opnion of us? I guess by compromising and giving up some of our favorite riding areas (some of mine have been closed and man does that get my blood to boil) so that others can remain open. We should also become quieter, you have to admit our beloved thumpers are loud as hell. And being courteous to others we encounter in the woods and on on the trails, instead of confrontational. I agree it is totally unfair to single us out, but mountain bikers and horses catch a lot of sh!! too, just not as much. Personnally I think horses are the worst, their hoofs tear the trails to pieces and their gigantic piles of crap aren't a welcome addition to anybodys forest experience. There are hundreds of us on this site and thousands around the country, so what can we do to band together and revolutionize our sport to become more acceptable to the average public? I think the first step is quieting our machines down(without sacrificing performance) Maybe we should put pressure on exhaust companies to produce a very quiet high perf system... So the treehuggers have one less reason to kick us out of OUR forests.



Thank God a number of you have the same thoughts and foresight to do something to keep our beloved sport open for the future. Quiet that thing down. I agree - put pressure on the exhaust companies to come up with something stealthy. Many of you are too young to remember how loud 2-strokes were years ago, but they finally got their act together somewhat. Now that thumpers are the wave of the future, we're all being attacked with the new noise issues due to them. My own local track, Washougal, is even getting hit with this due to the loud thumpers and trying to get it closed down. Washougal: argueably the best track in the nation possibly being closed by dorks with loud pipes. So it's not JUST riding areas, it's tracks too.

How to measure db? Per AMA rules, a db meter must be 20" away from the end of the exhaust at a 45-degree angle to the end cap. The proper way to rev the throttle is with a tach, but not easy. Half to 3/4 throttle is a good general area to rev to.


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