Hot Starting WR426

Sorry to demonstrate my ignorance, but my knowledge of jetting has always been poor. I have a WR426 O2, FMF Q, Air box unplugged. After about an hour of riding if I stop for a rest it is very hard to re-start. Once lit it is prone to choking slightly on the top end and back-firing coming off the gas. Any advice would be great. Thanks

Assuming that you are using the hot start button, that will lean it up. Backfiring on decel is a PJ issue and I am guessing you are rich. Try turning in the fuel screw on the bottom of the carb. Do you know what jetting you have, whats your altitude?

As a test with the bike warm and running pull the hot start out. If jetted correctly the idle should increase and idle to high. If it runs good your to rich on the PJ, if it does nothing at all the hot start should be checked.

Many thanks, I did tinker with the pilot to try and stop the back-fire. But have obviously gone the wrong way :)

Guys will correct me if I'm wrong but this all sounds to me like you are to lean on the pilot jet. Try to make it slightly richer. If you are in the UK, you might be at a comparable altitude to mine (Québec city). My pilot was too lean and my bike was also backfiring a lot when closing the throttle to use engine braking...

Hey cammy I have the exact same bike 02 wr 426 with a white brothers e-series. I only went up one jet size with the pipe addition air box unplugged. and it always fires back up even with out the hot start unless I dump it.But if you been riding it they say your supposed to pull the hot start every time. But I don't have to on mine.make sure you push it in right after it fires up. :):D

they say your supposed to pull the hot start every time

Then, you may still be too lean...

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