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Honda Accelerator Pump

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I have a 1991 Honda XR 250L whose carburetor features an accelerator pump. My understanding it is actuated by the linkage on the side of the carb which presses down a rod connected to it resulting in a small amount of fuel pushed into the mouth of the carburetor upon hard acceleration. My carburetor has this linkage and indeed it presses this rod when the throttle is opened a certain amount. There is a small 7mm brass tube that projects into the carburetor right beside where fuel from the slow jet and main jet exit. This tube is where I expected the fuel from the accelerator pump to exit because it lines up perfectly with the  accelerator orifice on the bowl . This tube on my carburetor however is sealed and the fuel that is sent from the pump is channeled back into the bowl! Is this tube sealed because my bike is the street legal "L" version and had to comply with EPA regs? I know it is jetted from the factory leaner then the "R" version because of these regulations. Anyone have knowledge on this? See attachment

carburetor photo.jpg

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