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Quick Jetting Q

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I have a 2006 CRF250r.  I bought it in "like new" condition . . . like I don't think it was ever ridden.

The bike runs fine and I'm satisfied.  It can be a bit difficult to start when hot or after sitting for a few weeks(but that's normal).  Oh, and I have 15 hours on 'er.


The bike is pretty much stock.  I'm thinking of removing the air filter screen(which I just did on my X).

I also have the pollution mod. 


I figured my bike was "new" and never jetted and running lean so I bought some jets and got into it today.

I basically wanted to install a #42 pilot figuring stock is #40.  Furthermore, I expected to find a #170 or #172 main in there.


Well, was I wrong!

I found a #45 pilot in there and a #176 main.


QUESTION:  What do you(s) think of that?  I haven't pulled the needle and don't know if I should bother.  After all, "it aint broke"  LOL.  I WILL however pull the plug and measure the valves, which I'm sure are fine.

The reason I'm asking is, I've been perusing the Jetting Database thread and NOBODY is running my numbers.


QUESTION: What other basic mods should I consider?  AP mod?  If someone jetted it, I'll bet that's done too!  LOL.


Thanks in Advance,



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