2010 yz450f wont start

Bike has always been hard to start (7-8, sometimes more kicks) but after I put in a clean air filter yesterday, I went to start it to warm it up to change the oil but it wouldnt start. Kicked it for 10 minutes and nothing.

Checked plug, it was wet/black with some carbon so I changed it. Checked valves, they were the exact same as last year when I checked them last.

Checked fuel cap vent, it was fine.

Bike has 71 hours on stock top end

Last time I rode was 2 weeks ago with no issues

No codes on the tuner

Update: bike started after 3 kicks today shut it off and tried again and won't start. I'm thinking it's a fuel pump issue. How do I troubleshoot fuel pump issues? Besides swapping out with a known good?

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