Jets and needle settings

I live in AUSTRALIA, North Queensland, Cairns. I have a 2010 WR450F. Has anyone living in this region rejetted their carburettor? If so what jets did they replace and what sizes. Altitude range is from sea level to 2000-2500ft, most riding is done at sea level and occasionally up to specified altitude. If you know the tropics you will know the humidity and weather conditions. Thanks for any advice

Give the threads below a try, mate. You're in the YZ forum, which can provide a lot of good info for the WR as well, but the WR has it's very own section in which you'll find much more. Note that the YZ forum does have a jetting database at the top (in the "stickies"), which may also provide useful information to you. Good luck!

WR performance:

YZ jetting database:

The YZ jetting DB is probably not going to be particularly useful, since the WR runs a slightly different carb. 

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