Wr400 upgrades

Hey guys, i just brought a 98 wr400 to get back on 2wheels after 6 years off the bike. It has low miles and was well looked after, already had JD jet kit and fmf power bomb pipe and power core muffler. After buying it i brought a 2002 wr 400 with a locked motor really cheap for some extra parts.

I have already swapped the tank and seat over as they were a lot slimmer and comfortable.

Are the forks on the 2002 better than the 98? What other parts will swap over that are compatible and will make the bike a better ride?

I mainly just ride trails, but every now and then go for a few motos with my mate on mx tracks.

Any other tips for what tyres to run or aftermarket goodies are appreciated. I may upgrade the bike next year to something with e start but thought this would be good to get back on the dirt.


I'm not sure on if the forks are any better on the 2002 or not. They are both decent, but typically need stiffer springs/valving for most spirited riders. The bikes are made very well and are stone reliable as long as you change the oil often and don't over-rev them. Check your valve clearances often, and you shouldn't have any other issues with them.


Welcome back!!!

Cheers mate. Just brought a full set of bearings, brake pads, fork seals and the like. Will give the old girl a birthday.

Hey guys can any one tell me if a rekluse or any other brand auto clutch is available for the 98 wr400??

I see they do one for later models, is their a way of retro fitting one??

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