white bros e series exhaust

does anybody know the deal with the discs/ rings on the white bros e series exhaust I had 12 in and took 6 out but didnt feel any different id it the lower number of discs the the more low end and the higher number of discs the more top end can somesone explain it in simple terms please :-)

I believe the disc's allow more flow. So the more disc's, the louder it gets, along with a power increase.

If your jetting and airbox is stock, 4  discs is fine. Adding more will do nothing but make it louder

When you open the airbox and re-jet, you can go up to 12 and you will feel it. I would use 10.

Put the discs in after you jet, so you can feel the difference.

Use the red needle on the middle setting, one size larger pilot, and a 160 or larger main.

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